The Empty

by Portals

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released September 24, 2015

James McHenry: Guitars / Production / Mixing / Mastering
Michael McNally: Drums
Adam Trzinski: Vocals / Lyrics
Caelan Stokkermans: Album Artwork



all rights reserved


Portals Bloomington, Illinois


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Track Name: Deceit
My eyes are red but vigilant,
You preach of honor but you reek of deceit
Are you feeding off your malicious treasons?
Or just a traitor in complete denial
Did you think that nobody could see through your glass face?
I have lost all hope and trust in this human fucking race
Track Name: Apex
I can’t feel my skin any longer
But I know it still crawls
I can’t see anything anymore
I can see it all
I felt my last breath leave my lungs
And my arteries turn to stone
My head flooded with ice and
Shattered all my bones

So tell me what you know about the void
The black and vast nothing that consumes the mind
The frantic madness telling me I‘m not fine
A sick delusion that I’m frozen in time

With crimson eyes I reject my soul and
Swallow all the lies
I am a beast I am an animal
I’m all that you despise

I live and prey on the life of the world and devour all the light
I’ve got veins of fire and vengeance on my mind
Your mask is pathetic and weak and
Mirrors your fucking face
Your life is meaningless and
You’re a fucking waste


I am a beast I am an animal
I’m all that you despise
I am the predator that comes in the night
I’m the devourer that feeds off your life
I am a beast I am an animal
I’m all that you despise

The wolves ate me alive
I never died
So fear for your life
You won’t see the light of day
Or feel the warmth of joy
So swim to your dead sun
Through a sea of thorns
A beautiful thing
Bittersweet realization
To hate the world more than yourself
I hate the world more than myself

Now on your knees

I am the apex, now bleed for me
Forever hunting
Forever hunted
Track Name: Cold
What is this infatuation I have with the dark?
I shun away from the light
And turn my back on the warmth

Leave me
Save yourself

I’ll drag this world into the black
Cold winds always blow
Covered in frigid snow
My world is bleak, in black and white
But that’s just the way it goes

Can’t you feel it?
Just embrace it

Serenity In my mind
I just long to be empty and alone
Numb and cold
I’ve convinced myself that this is what I want
A life of isolation just me and my thoughts
Why do I
I just feel
I lay in solitude and carve the world out
Maybe I just feel closer to death

So here
So here we go again
Talk me
Down up off the ledge
Always slipping
Back to the broken man that I am
So here
So here we go
Talk me
Down (up) off the ledge

Sometimes I miss the nights walking home
Empty and alone
Track Name: Scum
Vile Abomination
Look what you’ve done

Born into a single cell
One fragment of a global varmint
Scum of the earth (2x)

Seeds sown in a life of compassion
And reaped with the fate of torment
Born into a corpse of innocence
Destined for endless cycles of lament

We're not all born to prosper

Have you ever bore witness
To a life stricken with madness
Have you ever looked in the eyes
Of a soul drained of life

Reaching for colors of hope
But the air is plagued with smoke
We are not all born to prosper
Some of us are born to suffer

Why god me
Track Name: Wolves
I share this cavity with creatures more beast than man
Constantly overwhelmed and confused with no way out

The sun can’t set
What can’t rise can’t fall
Familiar trembling chilling down my spine
I’m too far gone into eternal night

The path in which I flee is filled with roots and thorns
But in this endless dark I have to take the scars

Don’t follow me
Don’t follow me

They’re out
They’re starved
Light devouring creatures of the dark

I’m short of breath
And so tired of running
Does no one else hear the howling
Or feel the teeth at their feet

They say to keep running
But none of them know the panic
Consumes me

Oh dear god I can see their eyes
And I can smell their fucking breath
Feels like a curse just to stay alive
Always running, always running from my life

Getting closer and closer everyday
Always stuck between a rock and a hard place
Eyes gleaming from direction
I’m broken, bleeding, and I’m fucking exhausted

Their teeth sinks in, am I finally done?
Begging for death, but it just won’t fucking come

They keep me alive
They won’t let me die